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What we can do for you…


  • Windows Server building and management (Server 2008, 2012, etc.)
  • Virus/Malware removal.
  • Hard Drive cloning, rescue, cleanup and backups.
  • Remote Desktop support (LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Windows RDP, etc.)
  • Fixing various software issues (Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, etc.)
  • Repairing Businesses and Consumer level computers.
  • Installing and setting up new Operating Systems (Windows 10, OSX El Capitan, Linux, etc.)
  • Regular Computer/printer setup and maintenance.
  • Custom PC builds (Artists, Gaming, Editors, etc.)
  • Hazard checks, recycling, and cable managing.


If any of the things above is what you need, then you are definitely in the right place. Contact us if you need our help so we can discuss your issues at length and hopefully meet your criteria. Sometimes we are not always available so leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP. If you are looking for some guides on how to accomplish certain tasks or something inspirational, we just might have the right article for you in our Guides and Advice section. Learn more about us and the work we do.

Reminder: Our site is still under construction. Things may or may not be finished or look quite right at the moment. Things might move around here or there everyday. We are expecting a full relaunch by January 2016. To keep up to date on our progress, follow us on our various social media platforms at the bottom of the page.
Thank You.

 NEW! – Home Repair Service Launched! – Oct. 30th 2015


Our company has served the IT needs of Nashville since DOS1.0. Most of our business clients have been with us between 15 and 29 years. We think this home division is going to be exciting in the number of people we help.

Like the Godfather©, “We’re making you an offer you can’t refuse.”
One completely free 30 minute support session.

We often fix the most basic problems in the 1st session. Afterwards, you’ll receive an evaluation with prices on how best to move forward. What good is a computer that isn’t fast? That means starting by helping you decide whether or not to quickly buy a new PC or Mac (there are some incredibly low prices right now, and Christmas deals are coming), or simply upgrade 1 part and make your baby fly again.

. . .like the Godfather©, you’ll simply owe us a small favor. When a friend of yours is mad about his computer, simply let them know about the team that got you up and going.

The Software Knowledge Co, Inc.